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Our inclusive iconography lets you know how much effort it takes to explore neighborhoods in San Francisco. Find shops, restaurants, bars, and interesting places along the way, while avoiding obstacles like steps, hills and poor sidewalk conditions.

Convenience is key to having happy shoppers. Our maps show pedestrians the easiest way to get to your location. Increase foot traffic to your business while making a difference in your community.

Effortless City Event Maps, Neighborhood Pocket Maps and Mobile Web Apps can be branded and delivered directly to the 90,000 new residents and 24 million tourists that explore the San Francisco Bay Area every year.

The Levels

If you'd like a flat leisurely stroll stick to the blue or green zones, but if you're up for a challenge try out the orange, red and black.

The Icons

San Francisco
Walkability Map

Neighborhood Self Cleaning Public Restrooms Free, ADA & Open 24/7

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